Visiting HBS is a great way to become better informed about the school as you make your way through the application process. Having the opportunity to speak to students in person and sit in on classes will help you assess whether HBS is a good fit for you and will allow you to speak more intelligently about the school and MBA program in your essay and interview. 

We recommend that you register for a visit through HBS admissions by clicking the “Arrange a Visit” button. We also encourage you to consider visiting during Military Prospective Students Day. However, if the dates do not work or if no class visits are available, feel free to contact the AFAA Admissions Representative and we can arrange to take you to one or more classes with us. We can also meet with you for lunch or to answer any questions you have about the MBA admissions process. The admissions department also offers information sessions, which are valuable if they fit into your schedule.

A visit is not a requirement for admission - several of us never visited HBS prior to arriving for classes this fall, and many others did not visit until the admission interview. Geography obviously plays a role. If you are deployed, stationed overseas or on the west coast, you will have a harder time planning a visit than an applicant from the East Coast. Many military applicants do not have the option of interviewing at a hub location, and it is not uncommon to interview via video conference or satellite phone. Given that fact, you may choose to delay visiting until you find out if you are selected for an interview. If that is the case, we recommend you schedule an on-campus interview at a day and time that would allow you to spend a half-day or a full-day around campus prior to your interview.